Kristen Flaws picture
Kristen Flaws
Elizabeth Garza picture
Elizabeth Garza
Vice President
Olivia Street picture
Olivia Street
Kiley Carter picture
Kiley Carter
Isabel Jenny picture
Isabel Jenny
Member Educator
Olivia Garza picture
Olivia Garza
Personnel Chair
Francesca Deveau picture
Francesca Deveau
Recruitment Chair
Madison Chapla picture
Madison Chapla
Panhellenic Delegate
Jessica Taylor picture
Jessica Taylor
Director of Programming
Jessica Yakesh picture
Jessica Yakesh
Facility Manager
Shelby Gorman picture
Shelby Gorman
Career and Personal Development Director
Katia Fedor picture
Katia Fedor
Community Service Director
Betsy Martens picture
Betsy Martens
DEI Chair
Caroline Roth picture
Caroline Roth
Marketing Director
Katrina Grunst picture
Katrina Grunst
Sisterhood Director
Madison Rodriguez picture
Madison Rodriguez
Social Events Director
Gabriella Frangopoulos picture
Gabriella Frangopoulos
Foundation Ambassador
Olivia Stoppenbach picture
Olivia Stoppenbach
Alumnae Relations Chair