Edyta Bartoszek picture
Edyta Bartoszek
Alyssa Ido picture
Alyssa Ido
Vice President
Alexandra Koontz picture
Alexandra Koontz
Zoe Lucas picture
Zoe Lucas
Olivia Nolan picture
Olivia Nolan
Member Educator
Lizzie Roth picture
Lizzie Roth
Personnel Chair
Sofia Sommer picture
Sofia Sommer
Recruitment Chair
Vivi Estes picture
Vivi Estes
Panhellenic Delegate
Casey Alexander picture
Casey Alexander
Director of Marketing
Anna Malfeo picture
Anna Malfeo
Director of Programming
Elizabeth Stack picture
Elizabeth Stack
Director of Friendship/Social
Ashley Tezak picture
Ashley Tezak
Director of Sisterhood
Julia Allen picture
Julia Allen
Director of Campus Activities
Heather Wendland picture
Heather Wendland
Director of Career Development
Jenna Harte picture
Jenna Harte
Alumnae Relations
Jessica Taylor picture
Jessica Taylor
Foundation Ambassador
Jessica Yakesh picture
Jessica Yakesh
Facility Manager
Danielle LaPointe Soller picture
Danielle LaPointe Soller
Personnel Advisor